CARINO LC - Arduino compatible CAR hacking platform with CAN and LIN connectivity

An update to work being done with Elduino CAN128. The board is changing the name to CARINO LC to better represent its use and functionality. Some improvements have been done in the design of the board.

A quick preliminary list of changes, improvements and new features:

  • Second CAN interface with CAN/SWCAN support*. This interface will support both standard CAN bus and single wire (SWCAN) CAN bus and allow to connect the board to more car models
  • Terminal block connectors for power, CAN and I/O connections. This will allow disconnecting the board from the car without having to mark all the wires and screw/unscrew the individual wires.
  • Bluetooth connectivity*. Having wireless connectivity it will be even easier to connect it to a smartphone/tablet or PC.
  • Two high current (3A) digital outputs (low-side switches). This will allow to control high power devices or relays directly from the board.
  • 12V compatible digital input. You will be able to sense the ignition key or other 12V signal without any additional hardware.
  • High voltage(24V) analog measurement channel will give a possibility to measure any analog signal of up to 24V. This will allow to monitor battery voltage, state of various actuators or just read out the old-style steering wheel audio buttons
  • Protection against reverse voltage connected to the VIN pin of the Arduino header.
  • Fixed previous design mistakes - added some extra components, fixed footprints, etc.

PCBs and parts for the board is already on the way!!!




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