Hardware development services

Hardware development services

Our hardware development/product development services covers all development cycle from idea to working prototype, preparement for mass production and further maintenance of a product.

Short definition of electronics engineering

Electronics engineering is an engineering discipline where discrete electronics components such as transistors, resistors, diodes, etc. are utilized to form an electronic equipment, for example a computer or mp3 player.

Hardware development



Development cycle explained

Idea  Client presents the  idea.
Pre-Study  At this stage idea is considered. To prove feasibility of idea study of available technical solutions is needed. At this stage even a prototype or concept model might be necessary to prove feasibility of idea.
Architecture design  This is the first step of idea realization. At this phase detailed requirements for product is defined. According  to requirements, preliminary product architecture is created. At this step it is possible to estimate approximate costs of idea realization and make business decisions.
Electronics design  During this stage devices hardware is designed. This stage is a complex of steps:
  Parts selection Electronic parts and modules are selected according to product architecture and requirements.
  Schematic design During this stage schematic diagram of electrical circuit is made. This diagram consists of discrete electronic components symbols connected with each other to form an electrical circuit that works the way it needs to work according to product idea and requirements.
  Printed circuit board design Printed circuit board holds all physical electronic components in place and provides necessary electrical connections and mounting points.
  Manufacturing and assembly Printed circuit board is manufactured and all electronic parts are assembled according to schematic and circuit board designs.
Software design  After electronics part is done, most of the times the product does not function, because of blank microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are small devices, which processes commands according to written program. For product to work it is necessary to write a software (program) for microcontrollers (depending on product there can be several microcontrollers). Other parts that needs to be programmed are programmable logic devices (if such devices are necessary in a product). Nowadays software design process takes the more time than electronics design because most of tasks are handled by microcontrollers or programmable logic devices.
Mechanical design  In most cases, electronic part is not the only part needed in a product.  Usually electronics only control some kind of mechanical processes. Even if product is not controlling any mechanical processes, electronics need to be mounted in a case, which protects the product and gives aesthetical view.
Testing of a product  During many development stages some errors might occur, therefore product needs to be tested if it meets initial requirements and if it meets client’s needs. According to the complexity of product, different testing procedures needs to be created. This might even involve design of testing equipment. After testing is done, iIf any inperfections or inefeciencies are found, either electronics or software are tweaked to improve the product. After all problems are solved, development process goes to the next step.

Design for manufacture
 At this part electronics design are revised to meet manufacturing and planned costs requirements. Production files are prepared and sent to manufacturing company to get required quantity of products build.
Maintenance  There might be problems in assembly process or  negative factors during use of product which would lead to malfunctioning. Those problems are intently investigated  to find solutions.